Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Colin and Heidi Show

While I was visiting my family in Texas a new term was created. It began like this:
Boots and shorts? Um, yeah! Beer to Go? Yes please!

One night when the kids were "going to bed" on the second floor and all in the same room the typical evening of fighting, screaming and tattling ensued. My dad laughed at them and oh so harshly scolded them when one of them would come down stairs and tattle on the others. If I was in the room I would not be so nice and try not to let my head explode. I was really wishing I had brought my copy of  Go the fuck to sleep! with us. If Heidi came down stairs I would follow her back up and hear a pitter patter of running boys and a bang. When I got into the room they were both magically asleep. Curious. Anyway, the next morning I woke up to a loud bang and then Heidi screeching. I could hear this on a different floor from the other end of the house and behind a closed door. I stumbled out in to the living room  to find my dad calming watching the news.

"What was that!?"

"Just the Colin and Heidi Show. They are picking up where they left off last night."

So, whenever the screeching and fighting starts its just the Colin and Heidi Show, episode #8126.

They just won't stop. Ever.

There were almost no fights at the beach. Can't imagine why.

Heidi is old enough now to get into the mix and hold her own. Colin likes to push her buttons and just be a complete ASS to her. For no other reason that to just mess with her and make her cry. Yesterday I heard him calling from his room, "Heidi! Oh HIIIIII-DDEEEEE. Do you want some candy? Come to my room and I'll give you some candy!" Heidi squeals and hops down from her seat and runs in that direction. Just before she gets to his door, ::BAM::, he slams the door in her face.

I'm not really sure what to do about them. He is just mean to her for the sake of being. She either just wants to hang with the big boys or taunt them about something. Its a two way street and not only Colin being mean. They just can't stay away from each other. Raph is no innocent either. He and Colin have their own screaming fights and he gets mad at Heidi for getting on his bed. Heidi ignores his requests and climbs up there until his head nearly explodes.

They were screaming, "COWWWWW!" That was the picture battle cry for the trip. ::shrug::

I know this is part and parcel with having multiple children but its just so damn annoying! They will play all together beautifully, or in a pair and a singleton. Then there is some barometric pressure shift and they all act like Honey Badgers. Summer started out pretty rough. Too much togetherness brings out the worst in kids at the beginning. Then they start to get along and sort out their hysteria. Then we went on vacation for 3 weeks where there were constant distractions and cousins to play with. Just ONE other kid in the mix makes them all behave perfectly. Its amazing. If there are 4 cousins and a boyfriend and a boyfriend's brother? Then you don't even need to see or hear them for hours.

The kids' first rodeo. Yes Heidi is wearing a number and she did enter but that's a whole other post.

We are home now and the distractions are gone, the cousins are gone, the cousin's boyfriends are gone (seriously they all loooooved the boyfriend) and they are stuck with each other. Its a let down. There is no pool in the backyard, no beaches to play on, no new museums to explore and all the fun stuff that comes along with vacations. At home we have our regular ol' house and they cannot separate from each other. They have some sort of magnetic pull that brings them together. Sometimes its nice because they all run off and play but other times there is just too much friction and the sparks start to fly and there is an occasional explosion.
No children were harmed in the taking of this picture.

I noticed the back to school sales have begun...the light is at the end of the tunnel. A month from now they will all be in school. Until then, I will try to create a suitable buffer and wear their asses out at the pool every day.
I had these towels monogrammed with the very intention of taking beautiful beach pictures...the damn seaweed killed that idea so all we have is this lame backyard picture. Sigh.