Sunday, August 26, 2012

More is more

Heidi believes that more is more. Wearing/doing/being less would just be lazy. Whilst searching for cake ideas for her birthday she couldn't narrow it down to just one theme. She liked Hello Kitty and Butterflies...and it must all be pink. So very very pink. I hate pink.

So here we have it. Hello Kitty-Butterfly cake in pink!

Gluten free and Vegan birthday cake. Top layer was pumpkin with maple cream cheese frosting. The bottom layer was chocolate peppermint (aka Candy Cane Joe-Joe cake). The Hello Kitties were made from a bag of Jolly Ranchers and the butterflies were Fondant. They did not like to stay put so there's some extra random frosting in spots. Stupid butterflies.

Ombre butterflies.

She believes more is more with accessories too. She is wearing a new party dress, fascinator and pink boots with spurs. Who doesn't? She told me at one point, "I'm not a lady Mommy." Clearly not based on this lady like pose. She's a work in progress but she does know that nice girls wear underwear AND nice girls don't let their underwear show. We just need to work on the sitting like a lady. Today during Mass I told her not to let anyone see her underwear and she rolled around in the pew. She proceeded to lift her dress to her neck and show me that no one could see her underwear b/c she was wearing bloomers. Sigh..

I don't think my kids have ever been so happy. They ate cake, fondant butterflies AND giant suckers made out of a mountain of Jolly Ranchers...both chewy and regular. I'm surprised no one threw up. For realz.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Days

Our summer has been like Advent. It was a time of waiting. We went to the beach and the pool and the park and played with friends and ate ice cream BUT we have been patiently impatiently waiting for school to begin. This year Colin would start Kindergarten. I would have two kids in one school. Miracle of Miracles! I haven't had that since I was working and the boys went to daycare.

All summer has been built on a foundation of anticipation. Colin damn near lost his mind before school started. Heidi and I were the casualties of this build up. Heidi was an easy target...he would walk by and push her over. I spent my days acting like a hostage negotiator. Always on edge and hoping he would take someone out if I didn't meet his latest demand. Or at least just mitigate the damages. It was a long summer. Sometimes the days would end (or I wished they were ending at that point but alas they would still all be awake for another 6 hours) with me in a crying heap.

The last week before school started was especially bad. If you watched Lost you know about the hatch. Mike said it was like we had to enter the code every 98 minutes or else Colin would explode. Every so often he would release a little pressure and just do this crazy jump-scream-kick. He would calm down for a bit then it would build up again. ENTER THE CODE!!!!! The weather cooled off so the pool wasn't the usual outlet but I would take them to the park or work on their conditioning (the boys are doing a triathlon in September) or something, anything to get that build up to escape safely. We've joked that Colin is like a small breed dog...if he doesn't get enough energy out during the day he will chew through the drywall. This has never been more true than now.

You know its bad when on the last day of summer I took them to get milkshakes at an old school pharmacy. They get to spin on chrome stools and wait at the bar for their milkshakes. In the car on the way home Heidi spilled her left over milkshake on the floor and Colin said that he didn't want to go there anyway. That afternoon he had an eye exam for his Vision Therapy and he flat out refused to cooperate. He said it wasn't fair that Raph and Heidi didn't have to do it and he wanted his exam in a different room. Huh? The day before he didn't want to go to his Kindergarten orientation in the morning because it would ruin lunch. Riiiight.

All I could think of was when Raph started Kindergarten. He literally didn't skip a beat. He was obviously excited but not in a crazed kind of way. He skipped into school and didn't look back. Or so I was told. I was still in the hospital with Heidi and she was in the NICU. Possibly starting school was the only "normal" aspect of his life then so it was a coping mechanism, but I digress. Colin's bundle of nervous energy was exhausting and I could not wait for him to go to school too!

The first day of school was perfect. No complaints (except for Colin refused to take a picture with his teacher. Fair enough.) and both boys were excitedly talking over each other on the way home from school. They both loved their class and Colin had one friend from preschool in his class and saw another on the playground. I had to play debate moderator while they talked so I could actually hear what each one was saying. I thought I could sit back and relax and a more even keeled Colin would emerge. Not so fast....

Heidi was flat out PISSED that day because she did not get to start school. Her first day was the next day so we spent our day getting my car carpet shampooed (see spilled milkshake above) and picking out snacks for her to have at school. The next day was all about Heidi's first day and she marched into school and hugged her teacher and played with her friends. Easy. I went to Home Depot by myself and took a deep breath.

 Friday afternoon and the rest of the weekend were not so easy. Seems Colin's hatch valve did not let off enough energy at school and he wanted the ENTIRE school experience right-damn-now. He wanted to buy lunch, go to all his block classes, ride the bus home, spend the night at a friends house and go to Raph's classroom. NOW. Oh and the Kindergarten playground does not have monkey bars. The horrors! Our weekend was consumed with chaos and an actual rock hit my kitchen window. I am happy to say nothing was broken and no children were dropped at the closest safe spot. It was rough though. We are hoping that this full week of school with bring enough firsts for him that he will be able to relax a little and give us all a break.

In the mean time I have Heidi's birthday preparations to contend with. I struggle with her at school for snacks on special occasions. Naturally her first day of school was a kid's birthday and they had cupcakes. Way to ease into the school year! Since her birthday is this week she will bring snack one day. Everything must be store bought but there are exceptions for her. I can make something (as long as I do not use peanuts or tree nuts) that she alone will eat. Works well for parties and birthdays. Instead of making something different and bringing a *regular* birthday treat that she can't eat I found a compromise. I saw these juice box robots online and thought they were perfect...except for the fact that they were robots. Instead my version were Perry the Platypus minions. I love Phineas and Ferb. That show is probably my favorite kids show and I will watch it sometimes even if the kids aren't here. Anyway, I think the little minions in Heidi's class will love these and they have a healthy-ish snack instead of cupcakes. There's certainly lots of sugar in this but this sugar comes with vitamins at least. The teachers might want to kill me when they see just how much unwrapping they have to do for snack so I think I will volunteer my time to put straws in juice boxes and take lids off the applesauce cups.

After this week and Heidi's birthday is over I suspect life will settle down and resume regularly scheduled programming. Fall sports will start soon and homework sheets will get done and mayhem will kick in but it will be active mayhem not hatch energy release mayhem. At least that's what I'm banking on. If not I may just implode or sell some kids on Craigslist.