Sunday, August 26, 2012

More is more

Heidi believes that more is more. Wearing/doing/being less would just be lazy. Whilst searching for cake ideas for her birthday she couldn't narrow it down to just one theme. She liked Hello Kitty and Butterflies...and it must all be pink. So very very pink. I hate pink.

So here we have it. Hello Kitty-Butterfly cake in pink!

Gluten free and Vegan birthday cake. Top layer was pumpkin with maple cream cheese frosting. The bottom layer was chocolate peppermint (aka Candy Cane Joe-Joe cake). The Hello Kitties were made from a bag of Jolly Ranchers and the butterflies were Fondant. They did not like to stay put so there's some extra random frosting in spots. Stupid butterflies.

Ombre butterflies.

She believes more is more with accessories too. She is wearing a new party dress, fascinator and pink boots with spurs. Who doesn't? She told me at one point, "I'm not a lady Mommy." Clearly not based on this lady like pose. She's a work in progress but she does know that nice girls wear underwear AND nice girls don't let their underwear show. We just need to work on the sitting like a lady. Today during Mass I told her not to let anyone see her underwear and she rolled around in the pew. She proceeded to lift her dress to her neck and show me that no one could see her underwear b/c she was wearing bloomers. Sigh..

I don't think my kids have ever been so happy. They ate cake, fondant butterflies AND giant suckers made out of a mountain of Jolly Ranchers...both chewy and regular. I'm surprised no one threw up. For realz.


Camille said...

Do you share your recipes? We are nut and dairy free and the cake and Jolly Rancher suckers look great.

Jessica Thornton said...

yes! I bought 10 boxes of Candy Cane joe joes. Sadly, they are all gone. But next year, I could make your cake! Please share!

Anonymous said...

let her show her undies better still if she pulls then down and shows me her bald p---y